Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pow Wow Power

I've just figured it out that I can go to pow wows 3 weeks in a row! Was at Indian Summer last nite, am meeting my friend Cindy & hopefully Patti at Native American Heritage Day on Sat. 18th & gonna check out the Harvest Pow Wow on Sat. 25th. Talk about feeling grounded! I love the way the drums calm & excite me at the same time.
Have you ever been calm, yet excited?
Very nice feeling.
That's the feeling that (for me) can move you forward.
I feel that I've almost come full circle in the evolution of being me & that I'm in a similar place as when I was 16ish. Very ME. Very fierce & fearless & confident.

I can come to terms with some things:
  • going back to the zoo-1 year & 5 eye surgeries later
  • un-becoming someone I'm not because of who I'm with
  • the uncomfortable feeling that comes with going for something outrageous
I'm still a work in progress on:
  • how much longer at the zoo?
  • the resurrection of the authentic me
  • keep moving forward
Yay for the journey, the process-
I do not acknowledge that enough.